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Dust-Free Wood Floor Refinishing

At Cramers Carpet One Floor and Home, you are buying the best products at the best prices for your home. And your home is your most valued asset. So, doesn't it make sense to maintain these products with the same care and investment you made in purchasing them? Read on to find out about the services that we offer. Once you've had our folks in your home, you will never look any further for people to service your floors. We treat your home better than we treat our own and you're always going to get a thank you gift just for letting us in your door!

  • Restore the beauty & luster of your hardwood without the harmful dust and chemicals.
  • Traditional hardwood floor refinishing generates airborne dust 22 times the OSHA level. This outdated method is not only messy, but because wood dust is a carcinogen, it’s simply unsafe.
  • Look for a company that offers "dust free" refinishing. But ask the right questions to ensure you're truly getting the safest, cleanest option for your home.
  • Many companies claim to be "dustless" or "dust free". They may use sanding machines with vacuum bags to keep the majority of dust out of your home. But you will still need to consider hiring a cleaning service to remove the 10 percent of dust left behind.
  • Magnus Anderson’s powerful dust-containment system evacuates airborne dust to a trailer outside your home while a hospital-grade HEPA filter works to keep the air in your home clean and safe. It’s the most powerful system in the industry and generates 99.8 percent less dust than traditional sanding.
  • Magnus Anderson uses only the finest waterborne Swedish finishes. This means harmful toxins are eliminated and drying takes just a few hours - not days.
  • The finishes won’t yellow like standard polyurethanes either, so your color will stay true—and it’s backed with an industry-leading 20-year warranty against dulling! Magnus Anderson takes away the hassles and risks associated with traditional floor refinishing methods. Rest assured that with the Magnus Anderson system, you won’t have to move out of your home for several days or subject yourself or your family to harmful toxins.




You just don't know what hidden gem might be hiding under that old carpet. This old fir floor had been worn, beaten and then covered by carpet in a house with dogs for years and years. It looks absolutely hopeless, doesn't it?

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Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled master craftsmen erase three quarters of a century of use and abuse!

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Even thick porch paint doesn't stand a chance against our team. 


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Beautiful! Who knew these gorgeous floors were hiding from the homeowner? Well, we did actually -- they just needed a little Magnus Anderson love. Maybe you have a hidden gem, too!

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