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Hardwood Flooring in Madison, NJ

Whether installed in a residential or commercial setting, hardwood flooring increases value while adding distinction and beauty to your property. And if you’re like many homeowners looking for hardwood flooring near you in Madison, NJ, visit  Cramer’s Carpet One Floor & Home! We offer up a comprehensive hardwood floor inventory, including options for a wide range of interiors.


Our team can help you find the best hardwood flooring, arriving at a solution that’s right for you, your home, and your unique needs. Here are some things you should know about modern hardwood floors.


What Are the Different Hardwood Flooring Styles?

If you long for a wide range of options, the world of hardwood flooring won’t disappoint. Hardwood floors can be styled to suit trendy décor schemes and traditional, tried-and-true designs.


Popular flooring styles include:

  • Sleek, high-gloss finishes
  • Natural and light finishes
  • Gray, coastal planks
  • Rustic or distressed looks
  • Wide-plank styles

What Are the Different Hardwood Species?

Hardwood planks are fashioned from many different tree species. There are exotic hardwood options as well as domestic hardwoods. For something more distinctive, consider more exotic hardwood species, like mahogany or teak. However, it’s important to remember that each tree species is unique and offers varying hardness levels, so be sure to choose your flooring options with your area of installation in mind.


Popular hardwood species for our area include:

  • Maple
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Hickory, and more!

What Are the Different Hardwood Types?

In general, there are two different types of hardwood to choose from: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors. Both look and feel very much the same, but significant differences are going on below. Which one you choose will depend significantly on your area of installation and your household needs.


Solid Hardwood Flooring

  • A solid hardwood plank uses a single hunk of natural wood.
  • Solid hardwood floors represent a sound investment, but it’s worthwhile for many since it can be refinished.
  • Keep in mind that solid hardwoods should never be installed in areas with high moisture or high foot traffic.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

As a more recent innovation, engineered hardwoods are manufactured planks that are dense and forgiving.

  • Made from up to seven layers of compressed wood, engineered planks can manage heavier wear and a fair degree of moisture.
  • Unlike solid hardwood floors, it works well below grade and can be installed in basements.
  • Engineered hardwood is more water-resistant and durable, and it is more resistant to cupping, expanding, and contracting.

Hardwood Installation

When it comes to instaling your hardwood flooring, ew always suggest hiring a professional. This way, you have peace of mind and you can enjoy your floors for decades.


Our Hardwood Installation Process

  • Be sure to prepare your area of installation: remove all furniture and appliances.
  • Keep in mind that your hardwood flooring will arrive 24-48 hours prior to installation. This will allow the hardwood planks to properly acclimate to the climate in your home.
  • We will help customers prepare for the installation by clearing the room.
  • Depending on the installation, we can either nail, glue, float or staple your floor down.

Where Can My Hardwoods Be Installed?

  • Hardwood floors are not an appropriate choice for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Solid hardwood performs best in carefully climate-controlled rooms, with particular care paid to relative humidity levels.
  • Engineered hardwood is the recommended option if you own pets or have little kids at home.

Shop Hardwood Flooring Near You - Cramer’s Carpet One

Cramer’s Carpet One Floor & Home is an independently owned member of the world’s largest flooring cooperative. We offer the latest hardwood flooring at an outstanding value, as well as popular and exclusive flooring brands for tile, carpet, luxury vinyl, and laminate. Ready to get started on your flooring project? Visit our showroom at 73 Main Street in Madison, NJ, or browse our online hardwood selection today!




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