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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring


Whether you are a first time pet owner or a veteran fur parent, it is important to have a floor in your home that everyone can comfortably live on. Cramers Carpet One Floor & Home can help you find the best floor for your home and your pets. We carry high quality pet-friendly flooring options that are not just durable but also fashionable. Our flooring experts are here to help you choose your next floor wisely based on your needs and personal taste.


One of the biggest problems with pets and flooring is their nails. Even well-trimmed nails can cause scratching and damage to luxury flooring. Factor in nails along with muddy paws and the occasional accident can really take a toll on your flooring. That’s why it is important to find a floor that is designed to withstand these types of issues. Both you and your pet should be able to live and play comfortably on your flooring and share your home together.


The Best Pet-Friendly Floors

If you are asking yourself, what is the best pet-friendly floor, we have you answer! Floors that are resistant to moisture, stains, scratching, and are easy to clean should be the main criteria you look for. The style and look of your floor should come second to how durable it is. Our selection of pet-friendly flooring covers both, and our flooring experts can help you navigate our collection to find the perfect balance. Continue reading below to learn more about our different pet-friendly floors.




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Pet-Friendly Luxury Vinyl

Life can get a little messy, and for those who have

accident prone pets need a floor that can handle

life’s little mishaps. Luxury vinyl flooring is moisture

resistant and your pet’s nails don’t stand a chance

against the wear layer of these planks and tiles. Luxury

vinyl comes in fashionable styles the replicate the authentic

look and feel of real wood or tile flooring without the tedious

maintenance of a luxury floor. 








Pet-Friendly Carpet

Carpet adds a cozy look to bedrooms and family

rooms, so it’s no wonder that it’s still a popular

option for many homes. If you can’t live without it,

consider installing carpet specifically designed to

resist pet stains and odors.




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Tile Belterra

Pet-Friendly Tile

Tile is another great option for people with pets:

it’s durable and easy to clean. For most pet owners,

tile is a smart, liquid-proof surface with tons of different

design options. If you’re dreaming of wood floors, but

don’t want to risk it, consider faux-wood tiles.








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