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Carpet Flooring in Madison, NJ

Carpet has a longstanding tradition of invoking endless style and comfort. With its ability to add instant color, texture, and insulation, it’s easy to see why carpets are so incredibly popular. At Cramer’s Carpet One Floor & Home of Madison, NJ we’re proud to be the area’s authority on carpet. We can help you navigate different options. With our ever-growing inventory of residential and commercial selections, you’re bound to meet your match.


Carpet offers us looks both traditional and trendy, along with added rewards. It can both set the tone for your space and addressing everyday challenges like allergens, spills, and high traffic. Here are things to think about as you shop for carpet.


Carpet Types

Modern innovation has granted us thousands of carpet options. While this variety can initially seem overwhelming, a better understanding of carpet pile will help you make the right decision. Carpet pile- the fibers in your carpet- can be either synthetic or natural. Options include level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush. Each type of carpet pile offers its own respective looks and benefits.


  • Nylon, a synthetic carpet fiber, is an incredible all-around option. It’s soft, resilient, and durable, with all the popular colors represented.


  • Polyester, another synthetic fiber, has a look and feel that’s like nylon. Polyester carpeting is a more economical option. Recent advances in manufacturing techniques have given us polyester products that perform like nylon.


  • Olefin, synthetic carpeting known for its vibrant colors, is typically seen in Berber-style weaves. Thick, dense, and extremely durable, olefin carpeting is popular for commercial uses.


  • Triexta, a heavier synthetic pile, is a popular option for situations where stain-resistance is necessary. It fares exceptionally well in family homes and is compatible for life with pets.


  • Wool, the most popular natural fiber, is hot and sustainable. While wool carpet can represent a sound investment, it’s made to last for the long haul. It naturally resists odors, mildew, and moisture.


Our carpets are composed in one of three diverse ways:


  • Cut-pile carpet boasts trimmed fibers, resulting in a rich texture.


  • Loop pile carpet has similar beginnings: the difference is that its looped endings are left intact for a smooth surface.


  • Cut-loop carpet merges aspects of cut and loop pile for a denser feeling.


Carpet Installation

Although carpet isn’t recommended for the kitchen or bathroom, there are few other interior settings that are off-limits. Choose a resilient product for spots prone to high traffic, such as hallways, stairs, and entryways. For a family room or kid’s room, you might fare best with a pet-friendly, stain-resistant product. Plush carpet works better in the master bedroom or in a formal living room.


Our Carpet Selection

Cramer’s Carpet One Floor & Home, proudly serving greater Morris County, is a longstanding member of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. This means unmatched purchasing power, personalized services, and incredible value that all flows back to you: the customer. We carry the leading carpet brands you love. To learn more about our carpet options, please visit us soon at 73 Main Street in Madison, NJ or call us today at (862) 204-7330.



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Caring for Carpet


With carpets constantly improving in technology, it is easier

than ever to keep your carpets looking great. Learn more

about the recommended maintenance for carpet.